The Solid Waste Department is responsible for the collection of recyclables in Macon-Bibb County, as well as the landfill operation. Advanced Disposal Systems is responsible for weekly solid waste (garbage) pickup and containerized yard debris pickup throughout the entire county.

This new method of service delivery will allow Macon-Bibb County to offer recycling to the entire county and to focus on other beautification efforts such as removing illegal dumps, picking up large debris like couches, and supporting neighborhood cleanups. With ADS picking up residential garbage, that material will now be taken to its landfill, and not the Macon-Bibb County landfill, which is mandated to close in fewer than five years.

For information about individual services like recycling, yard waste pickup, neighborhood cleanups, illegal dumps, and more, use the selections above The fee for all residents of Macon-Bibb County is $20 per month, and it is billed on a quarterly basis.

“This is a monumental step forward in our efforts to clean up our entire community and begin closing an outdated and environmentally dangerous landfill,” says Kevin Barkley, Director of the Solid Waste Department. “In 2014, we collected almost 2.4 million pounds of recyclable materials, and with more homes having much larger recycling containers, we expect that number to get much larger.”

“Our community deserves and has asked for more recycling, as well as quality waste and garbage services. In fact, they stated clearly when they voted for consolidation that they wanted a more efficient government that better meets their needs,” says Macon-Bibb County Mayor Robert Reichert. “With this decision, we stop kicking the can down the road on providing better services and closing the landfill.”


Macon-Bibb observes nine holidays. If a holiday falls during the week, your collection will be pushed forward one day. For example, during Labor Day week, Monday routes are picked up on Tuesday. For information about holiday pickup by Advanced Disposal Systems, call 478-803-0499.

Landfill Fees

A Macon-Bibb resident can receive one (1) free load to the landfill per month as long as the load is less than 500 pounds. Anything over 500 pounds will be charged at a prorated scale up $27.75 per ton. Any additional loads that month will be also be at a prorated scale up to $27.75 per ton, no exceptions. Note: You must have a city address on your drivers license to receive the free load under 500 pounds.

Contact: 478-803-0499